About us...

Well, mainly me. My name is Jon, and I've got over 25 years experience of building and repairing electronic equipment.

A bit of a solder, a bit of a re-pot

Somewhere around studying for my 'O' levels, I fell in love with the sound of valve guitar amplifiers, first with my friend's Vox V125, then my own Kelly 100 Mk II 100W head & Marshall 4x12 cab. But I could never play it loud enough. I sounded brilliant when it was cranked, but I couldn't actually play it anywhere where it would sound sweet without a massive amount of complaints.

It was around this time, I met fellow musician and vintage equipment officionado, Martin Locke. He showed me how to do a few things, and how to keep my amp in shape. It was nearly always the bias.

In 1989, I went to study a degree in electrical and electronic engineering at Newcastle University, which I completed in 1992. During this time I'd become the main repair engineer for the Student Union Ents department.

After uni, I worked for a service company, developing fault sheets for audio products. After a brief stint as a sound and lighting technician, I went on to become a site based maintenance manager, then a senior designer for a large multinational alarm company.

At the start of the new millenium, I founded The Luvvit Company, and also trained as a FE teacher. I carried on designing, branching out into graphic and web design, and also carrying on various roles in the entertainment industry. In that time managed to teach electronics, IT, web design, media, music, and music technology.

During mid 2013, I decided to focus my energies on the loves of my life - my family and friends, music, and building and repairing music equipment. I'd discovered a way to do what I love best, and make money at it. After long discussions with fellow designer and creator, Oscar Goldman of the Irrational Media Society, we decided it was time to start creating special things. 

I'm especially proud of some stuff I'm doing. I'm a founder member of the music collective Werewolf Workshop, and I'm a T'ai Chi instructor with the TCAA (aka Seahorse Arts). I'm currently designing the Branston range of amplifiers (my wife's family name) for TLC Amplifiers. It's a pleasure to go to work. I look forward to it.

The Luvvit Company is an 'us', because of the support of my wife & family, including my father-in-law, Tim Branston, my friends in the collective, who help me test them amps, all of the suppliers and customers who help to craft the designs with their feedback and suggestions, the other studio holders at The Lombard Method, and the people who discuss and follow my work on social media. Without them, I'd be talking to myself.

Jon Elliott