Affiliates..., suppliers, and general good eggs

If you're building amps, you might need to buy stuff, or sell stuff. Here are some useful people:

Irrational Media Society -  Art, samples, records, synths, fx - what's not to like. Limited edition prints, limited vinyl pressings, hand cut vinyl dub plates... this is the man who got me off my arse to do stuff.

Feltons - George is ace. He's been keeping me in bits since I started building valve amps.

Giraffe Audio - I've known Nick for as many years as I've needed studio gear, and have always bought from him. They specialise in high-end gear. They've got a wicked little place in The Big Peg, Hockley, with coffee, and plenty of toys. And some great gear, of course.

Bygone Tones - I've been buying most of my vintage speakers off Brian - a great contact to have, and keeps an eye out for stuff once he knows what you're looking for.

BLS Electronics - Simon
VVT Transformers - David
I got quotes in from both of these companies, and found that the variety of knowledge from working with both these guys meant that I had to work with both. David can and will build pretty much any type and size of magnetic component you could imagine, including home ultra-linear valve based music systems. Simon knows loads about the history of and application of magnetics in guitar amplification, and used to hang out in the same places as me in Newcastle. Both of them ace!

Karltone - Karl has a massive wealth of knowledge, and sends out beautifully matched valves. And he stock Tung Sols.

Lean Business - these guys will go the extra to make sure you get your parts in on time. Hard to beat on price on new speakers. They do price matching on loads of products.

Bob Lane Woodturners - turns my shaky CAD drawings into very real wooden kits, for me to assemble accurately at my leisure.

The Little Guitar Shop, Hockley - boutique amps in Brum. Has a good ear for amps.

PMT Birmingham (Repairs) - no longer Phil Gowers, he gone! Gone to Blackstar. Now Phil Docker! He's only round the corner and gets me out of trouble now and again.

Rockstar Guitars, Blackheath - great little shop, really friendly, personal service, and great guitar lessons too.

Mission Print, Birmingham - I've used them since the 90s - ace people, great printing.

Sid Chaplin - Traditional Radio Grilles - loads of radio grilles and vinyl & textured covering for amps.

Clifton Steel - they laser cut 1.5mm aluminium just fine.

Watford Valves - valves, speakers, and valve bits. They do a good line in cryo treating valves, if you're into that kind of thing.

Rapid - good value, good quality and tools bits.

RS - can be pricey, but quick, and a great range. Better value if you buy a load of stuff in one go, and as a business.

- Great for all the bits and bobs you just can't get anywhere else. Tagboard... hmmmm...

MAC Electronics - great for bits, especially Marshall repairs. They do a good line in repairs too.

Valvepower - great transformers & kit, for home builders, at a great price.

MAJ Electronic - valves, HH amplifier bits, and great advice.

Amp Maker - some great kits, chassis, Sprague and Mallory caps, and 1W resistors, amongst others.


Gary Williams - top guitarist, top tester. Good man to have around.

Werewolf Workshop - words defy me. Odd, peculiar maybe. Strange creatures that test my gear.

Rannoch - a progressive, melodic death metal band from the UK. Hmm that's a bit dry... badass metal muthazz!

Texan Peacocks - when we woz kids, we did rock, now they keep me in work.

Special Sainthood

Rebecca Parker Photography - stunning, stunning phtography, and a demon on Photoshop. Great with models, landscapes, kids, weddings and boys playing with amps & guitars.

3D Rigging - Rick keeps me in work that pays. A bloody good rigger.

Halesowen College - more work that pays! Teaching is not the profession for me...

Tim Branston - he's da man. I had his amp in for repair. I copied it. He's so great I named my amps after him. And my children. And my wife.

Links  - loads and loads and loads of great valve circuits. - you have to work out the bias. It's nearly always the bias. - great advice on wiring, especially heaters and HT lines. - Elliott Sound Products. Nothing to do with me, but more great audio electronics. - great advice on valves and biasing. Also makes the official Watkins Dominator reissue (a later Mk1), Westminster and Clubman.