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The current range of Brelliott Amps are hand-wired, hand-crafted, boutique valve amplifiers. The building and testing of each amp is meticulously documented. Each finish is designed to look good from the start, and improve with age.

The current stock is entirely hand built, and some of these are available for purchase. For custom orders, you will be able to specify whether you go for a standard or modular PCB version, turret board, tag-strip or a hybrid design.

The hardwood cabinets are built by Joe Welden, and are crafted in the same building as the hand-wired amplifiers. The show stock examples of his work are made of reclaimed beech, which have been sized, joined, filled and then machined flat, before being made into the cabinet, trimmed, sanded and oiled. Several finished are available, including mineral oil and Osmo. The wood can be inked or stained any colour, and “knocked back” to reveal more of the wood detail.

The BBB range

The BBB-30 has all the grunt and power of twin 5881 output valves along with the destructive dirt of multiple gain stages. If you're after clean headroom, then this may not be your amp of choice, but if it's a dirt you're after, well then you've come to the right place. It's what happens when a pair of oversized VVT transformers are fitted to a switchable gain push-pull amp; the results are delightful!

The BBB comes with a whole load of options. If it's versatililty you're after, then the BBB-30 Multi-Mode Studio Amplifier is the amp for you - it has options for Depth, NFB/Presence, Single Ended / Push-Pull, LTP Bias, Cathode / Fixed Bias, and you can adjust the bias without removing the amp from the cabinet. With the -UL version you also have dynamic power control. We use one as a design tool to help customers decide which configuration to have the amp. 

BBB-30 Big Iron

Three signature BBB amps were built in March 2018:

  • Fixed bias, Push-Pull operation
  • Silicone sleeved, rigid single strand power wiring 
  • Long life HT filter caps 
  • Built on tag-strip for complete flexibilty when customising, tweeking or modding
  • Footswitch or manual switching control
  • Presence, Treble, Middle & Bass tone controls
  • 8 and 16Ω output jacks
  • Rotary Depth control switch for tonal balancing between normal / boost modes
  • Bold / Bright switch to improve dynamics for single coils & humbuckers
The oversized transformers gave it the nick name Big Balled Bertha - you can buy a version of the amp, to all intents and purpose identical the the standard Big Iron amp, but kitted out with aptly cryptic control labels, with a gaudy Dymo tape aesthetic, to reflect it's punk-rock prototype origins.

RDL-50 Rebel Deluxe

From one of the stock Big Iron amps, a 50W Rebel Deluxe was made. It has a bit more kick in the power supply, and a smaller American-style interleaved output transformer, borrowed from the TrailBlazer range. And boy, it gives a real solid twang. These are made to order - the one that we currently have at shows would have to be prised from my dead hand. It was finished while in correspondance with the Piotr Stanisz, designer of the original 10W single-ended Black Dog Rebel.

The Trailblazer SCS range

The Trailblazer SCS range are aimed at people using pedals, or just want to plug straight into the amp and play. They have plenty of clean headroom, and their beautifully pure tone can be carved simply with its Volume, Presence, Treble and Bass pots. The back end employs the smooth power of 6L6 or 6V6 output valves.

Trailblazer 50, faceplate


The SCS-50 is a 6L6 powered, fixed biased amp. It  uses an interleaved output transformer to give it a compact size and reduced weight. They can produce a clear, intense sound, and are aimed at modern players who require a clean sound that works well with a wide range of effects pedals. It has a rotary switch on the first stage bypassing, to match the your pickup profile and dynamics, and an added depth switch further along the chain for even more control. It has been built entirely using tag-strip construction.

The SCS-20 has been described as having a sound with “glassy mids, where the notes pop out at you, and no loss on the top frets”. It is powered by a pair of cathode biased 6V6 output valves. It seems to perfectly match the qualities of single coil pickups on Strat’s and Tele’s and 10” Alnico speakers, which it was initially built and tested with. The sound reminds me of some of the older classic American amps, with a hint of aluminium resonator guitars. It has been built using hybrid turret-board and modular PCB technology.

Both work well with a wide range of guitars, pickups and cabs, and has been tested, very successfully, with a wide range of guitars, cabs and fx.

The Savage Rascal

This was the result of the question: can I make my champ go louder? The answer is yes, yes and yes. Based loosely on the current PCB champions, it runs a KT88 single ended output valve at approximately 730V. Touch sensitive, plenty of harmonics, loud and savage.

Savage Rascal

Very simple controls:
  • Volume pot
  • Tone-profiling circuit defeat switch
  • 3 way output bypassing switch - NFB, Raw or bypassed

The Branston Mistress range

This is a Limited Edition run of six vintage inspired amps. Tim Branston's amp came in for repair autumn 2013, and after a bit of work, it sounded immense. And that's where a plan started to hatch...
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Donna-Lee fascia, side on
The design is based on the classic 3x ECC83 pre-amp valves, and 2x EL84 12W output valves that you find in 50s and 60s 18W amps. An EZ81 valve rectifier gives it the classic valve "sag" we expect from early 60s and 70s British blues recordings.

The production chassis are formed from laser cut aluminium, and the cabinets are hand assembled from CNC cut FSC 9mm birch ply. The cabinets are then hand profiled and finished, before they are introduced to their speakers and chassis.

Several variations are available, including clean / dirty switchable gain, TMB tone controls, power stages up to 50W, fixed bias, and silicon rectifier. You can have the faceplate facing front or back. We even offer the more traditional vinyl coverings, if you're into that kind of thing.

There are currently enough parts to build two more of these (Mar 18), and they will be based on the last two builds - Donna-Lee for the Classic and Rosie for the Custom.

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